Episode 100!

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us for 100 episodes, and, of course, anyone new trying us out! In addition to the standard content we usually include, we have peppered in some questions from the Knittinglife survey that was going around a while back. We hope you enjoy!


  • Somer
    • Knitting
      • Slippery by Sarah Dupuis using MadelineTosh Vintage Worsted in “Augustus Gloop”
      • Wavy Lines Dishcloth
      • Barley by tincanknits using Twisted Owl Fiber Arts worsted in “Cosmos” and DK in orange
    • Spinning
      • Created by Elsie BFL/nylon “Christmas Time”
      • Hobbledehoy “Lemonade Stand” battlings
  • Katie
    • Corner 2 corner crocheted blanket using Impeccable worsted in gray, two shades of blue and two shades of ref

Active WIPS

  • Somer
    • Knitting
      • Separate Ways by Joji Locatelli using Stunning String Studios Smashing Sock in “Rusty Gate,” “Spicy Mustard,” “Aqua Ice,” and “Dutch Coral”
      • Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder using Atomic Fiber Co. in “Hocus Pocus” – funny story about the bag
      • Keepsies by Hunter Hammersen using Undead Yarn in “Lester”
      • My Knitted Heart Vanilla Socks using Rock & String Creation in “Appalachian Autumn”
      • Pay Day Socks by Leah Oakley using Destination Yarns in “Karachi”
      • Swing Left socks by Megan Williams using Panorama Fiber Arts in “Heart of Texas”
      • Knot Garden Shawl by verybusymonkey using Shalimar Breathless in “Gunmetal”
      • Waterdance by Julia Swart using Yarn Carnival Paradigm Shift
    • Spinning
      • Into the Whirled Odds and Ends
  • Katie
    • In the Light by Casey Day-Crosier (Tangerine Designs). Asymmetric shawl knit holding fingering weight double, that transitions/marls into the next color. Also, an applied border that becomes fringe. Using Plucky knitter in a dark navy teal blue, a variegated blue and purple, and a purple pink.
    • Yowza weigh it shawl #1 in Miss Babs yowza
    • Bargello Planter kit from Brooklyn Craft Company

Casting on soon:

  • Somer
  • Katie
    • Hipster shawl by Joji Locatelli using Plucky Knitter – either cozy in a purple
    • Tuft Wrap by Plucky knitter — will use crew (merino/cotton blend) in poppycock, cloud cap, and caramel kiss


  • Somer
    • Leading Men Fiber Arts: “Just Sayin’” on Showcase
    • Leading Men Fiber Arts: “Spiced Apple Cider” on Showcase
    • Destination Yarns Passport Sock in “Karachi”
    • Undead Yarn Vamphyri in “This Is Halloween” (Thanks, Heidi!)
    • Gynx Yarn “Christmas Lights”
    • Bags by Awesome Grannie Southwestern bag

Reading & Watching


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