Episode 94


  • Somer
    • Spinning
      • Elemental Fiber Works targhee/bamboo/silk in “Kepler 16-b”
      • Elemental Fiber Works BFL/silk in “First Exoplanet”

Active WIPS

  • Somer
    • Knitting
      • Quaker Lines by Susan Ashcroft in handspun Three Waters Farm Rambouillet in “Birds in the Holly”
      • Constellate Hat by Hunter Hammersen in “Stargazing” Kimarie’s Knit Knacks
      • Knitting at the Library cowl by Cori Eichelberg in Open Skies Yarn mini skeins Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind colorways
      • Distract Me sweater by Amanda Woeger in Suburban Stitcher Sock in “Slate Blue” and “Rivers Edge”
      • Argent by Hunter Hammersen in Cascade Heritage Sock in “Royal Blue”
      • Hidden Gusset mitts by Mone Dräger in Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in “Snap Dragon”
    • Spinning
      • 2 Guys Yarn Wensleydale in “Shortcake”
  • Katie
    • Bankhead hat by Susie Gourlay in malabrigo worsted in hummingbird
    • Crochet temperature blanket – granny squares – each round is a day, so 52 squares. Will make 4 extra squares to have 56 – 7×8. I am using a box store worsted in 8 colors.

Other Crafty adventures

  • Cross stitch stocking


  • Somer
    • Leading Men Fiber Arts “Starting Point,” “Only Have Eyes for You,” and “Twilight Sparkle”
    • Suburban Stitcher “Slate Blue”
    • Woolen Boon
  • Katie
    • Duck Duck Wool yarn
    • Suburban Stitcher trunk show
    • Fiber from Rock and String Creations
    • Portable yarn bowl from Lone Star Arts

Reading & Watching

In the Kitchen

  • Baking (all recipes from Dorie’s Cookies)
    • Torta Sbrisolona
    • White Chocolate-Lavender Sablés
    • Kamish
    • Peanut Butter Changeups

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